U.S. Soccer Referee Program - Assignors Code of Conduct

• Assignors will appoint match officials based on what is best for the referee and the game while 
following the requirements of the State Referee Committee and U.S. Soccer Policy 531-11.

• U.S. Soccer affiliated assignments have priority over all unaffiliated competitions.

• Assignors shall offer fair opportunity for assignments within U.S. Soccer guidelines.

• Assignors shall always function professionally and ethically.

• Leveraging U.S. Soccer assignments for other unaffiliated game assignments is prohibited.

• Assignors shall safeguard confidential information and must not share private match official’s
information outside U.S. Soccer.

• All communication (text message, email, phone calls) with a minor must include the parent or legal 
guardian. (Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies –MAAPP)

• Assignors shall assign referees to assist in their development.

• A league, competition, or association may compensate assignors, but in all cases shall first honor 
and respect the State Referee Committee and U.S. Soccer affiliated game assignment best 

• All actions by a U.S. Soccer licensed assignor must reflect favorably on the State Referee 
Committee and U.S. Soccer.

• When assignors find it necessary to correct referees on the game turnback process, it must be 
done constructively and privately. If a minor is involved, a parent or legal guardian must be present.

• Assignors should provide timely upon request, the referee assignments of all affiliated U.S. Soccer 
games to the State Referee Committee.

• Assignors shall balance the requirements of the State Referee Committee, U.S. Soccer with the 
desires of their payee (league or competition) and the needs of the referee.

Revised August 17, 2021